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“It is rightly said that Makeup is an art & Any art is so incomplete without perfect brushes”! Neha:)

These professional makeup brushes make huge difference in your make up specifically when chosen wisely.Right make up brushes help you to achieve the flawless look you have ever desired. 

So here we go in our attempt to cut short your wishlist of make up brushes & to make your list an effective one.

*How should be your Brush material-Total says-“ The makeup formula you use helps you to determine whether to choose natural ,real hairs brush(like goat hair brush) or synthetic, fake hair brush (like plastic fiber). 
Natural Brushes are better for dry products like Blush, Eye shadows & synthetic brushes are better for creamy products like foundation or concealer.”

So! Now you know what kind of brush you’ll be looking for next time you go shopping.:)
Note that any brush you purchase should be easy & natural on your skin. It shouldn’t be too rough or stiff.

Coming to the type & purpose & USE of the makeup brushes! 

FOUNDATION BRUSH-I never felt the need of any foundation brush before. But trust me, once you start using it you will never ever turn your back on it! It just gives such a flawless look. A foundation brush should be fluffy & flat.
To use it-Just dip it in the foundation, take appropriate amount & apply on your face in circular motion starting from cheek & finishing towards hairline. Spread on t zone if any.

POWDER BRUSH- A powder brush should be round & fluffy. It can be used to apply loose powder to set the foundation & it can also be used as a blush brush. This one is a FAB brush! It can be used to illuminate your face or cheeks with highlighter. But it is always suggested to keep different brush for powder & Blush. 

To use it -Just dip it in the loose powder or bronzers using circular motion, tap off the excess before using it on face & then sweep over your face following the natural contours. Use light Strokes to give a natural finish. OR -use downward strokes -just the touch ups to apply loose powder, this would give a natural flawless look & powder wouldn’t mess up with the facial hairs. 

BLUSH/ BRONZER BRUSH-It should be long, soft & dome shaped. Blush brush is used to give a nice color to the cheeks. This brush can also be used to apply bronzer .You can also use it as highlighter on the top of the cheeks. as well as for contouring.

To use it-sweep the brush on blush & then apply it on the apple of your cheeks in upwards stroke towards ears.

EYE SHADOW BRUSH:- You will need a little stiff, flat brush with soft bristles. Stiff- to hold color to give your eyes an intense color it needs. 
Avon's Eye shadow brush

To use it:-Just move it on eye shadow color, take enough of it & sweep it on your eye lid from inside to outside. 

Note that you should have 2 eye shadow brushes or the one with double ends (eye shadow brush on both sides) if you love to apply 2 or more shades like me or to get those lovely Smokey eye looks!

EYE SHADOW BLENDING BRUSH-This one is an amazing brush to blend eye shadows especially when you are preparing a Smokey look. Brush should be soft & dome shaped. 
To use it-Just dip in eye shadow, in circular motion.tap off the excess. Start working from outside in backward forward strokes & cover the crease area with a wiper like action. 

-Now girls, this one is surely a must have! & personally, I absolutely love it! This brush is a multipurpose brush. Angled natural or synthetic fiber brush-Not too soft.

This can be used on lash line or to apply a gel/cake based eye liner or as a brow filler.(to fill brows with a brow powder really makes the brows look naturally awesome!)
To use:-1)Simply take the appropriate quantity, start from inner corner & apply a smooth line on your lashline.2)To create a dramatic effect, after applying kajal , smudge it with this brush starting from outer corner.3)To fill the eye brows, use the short strokes to get a more natural enhanced eye brows.

LIP BRUSH:- Flat, round tipped ,not too soft not too rough brush. A really good one to blend your lip liner with the lipstick & for a precise application. 


To use:-To get your lovely defined lips, apply a lip liner starting from the centre making v, then take your favorite lip color of the day/night on the brush & start applying from centre of the lips. Blend out the edges. Use short precise strokes towards corner of your lips to blend well the lip liner with lipstick.

Last (3 optional Brushes)-

ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH -This brush is used to apply powder blush on your cheekbones as well as to contour .Being angled makes it easy to blend the color & gives just a perfect touch.  
Sephora angled Blush +CONTOUR brush
To contour-Dip it in a darker shade & sweep it under your cheekbones.  
CONTOUR BRUSH-you won’t need this brush if you have the above mentioned angled blush brush. This brush is specifically to contour your cheekbones.

To use-apply a darker shade under your cheekbones. (This gives the face a slimmer effect as said by makeupgeek.)

HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH:-This brush is a soft flat brush.This one is a multipurpose can be used for a light application of foundation or to highlight the top of your cheekbones or to apply a light blush.

Again you won't need this brush if you've Angled Blush brush & a foundation brush.You will need these two separate brush obviously like i said you can't use single brush for two different purpose If you want  to get a neat & clean look.:)

FAN BRUSH- Soft flat brush.This brush helps to get rid off the excess of anything be it eye shadow,powder ,blush anything. 
To use:-Just sweep it gently all over the face in outward direction.& on nose & cheeks towards downwards direction.  
EYE BROW COMB:-short & a little stiff.  To use:-comb downwards,& fill the brows. Combing downwards helps to get your natural eye brow shape.apply mascara a little to keep your eye brows at place.(this one is really a good tip I noticed in a fashion show) 


How to clean the brushes:-  Now when you have all these brushes which are all really cheap.You would like to better take care of these so that these could last longer!so here is way out:-
"For regular cleaning-use a makeup brush cleaning spray.spray on brushes.Sweep the brush back & forth to remove make up traces.use a clean towel to keep it bacteria or germ free.
For deep cleaning:-pour a drop of shampoo in half full cup of warm water.swirl the brushes around into it.rinse thoroughly then let it dry FLAT (Horizontally on a towel).Don't make the brushes dry vertically as it can damage the brushes".by Total

MAKEUP BRUSHES are available in various brands like MAC, , Clinique, Sephora, Sigma or the decently prized yet really good ones in Oriflame, Avon, Mary kay, NYX,ELF,MUG ,Lakme,a very few selected ones from Vega.So go for it girls! 

Another Tip-
>Never choose a nylon brush as it doesn’t last long.
> Invest in retractable brushes.(one that is closed on both ends)this keep your brush better protected from germs & dust to settle in the bristles.

Choose a brush as suggested & you will never fail in achieving your flawless look at home! 

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