Saturday, 2 December 2017

Nykaa So Matte! Lip colors review: Orange Vice, Frisky Fuschia, Naughty Nude + LOTD

Hey guys!

I have wanted to review this long time back. But better late than never:). So,  here we are with this Nykaa Matte lip colors!

I really love Nykaa for bringing so many brands under one roof and making many drool worthy products available to us. With other brands, Nykaa has also been launching its own range of cosmetics and I ended up picking these three shades for my summer lip color collection.

I personally feel a nude, a brown, an orange, a red and a nice pink are five must have shades that can take care of most of occasions and looks from neutral to party wear. Now it is really a task to find a perfect orange or red or nude for different skin tones. But once we get ours, that's it!

Nykaa So Matte Lip colors:
What Nykaa says: This long lasting texture gives you pout worthy lips in one stroke. It effortlessly glides on your lips, giving you a gorgeous soft matte finish. Pucker up and party with our delectable matte lipstick. Long lasting, Vitamin E enriched, Intense color.

(I have found all there claims to be true except the promise of  long lasting color)

Qty: 4.2 g
Price: 399 INR
Shelf life: 3 years
Ingredients: (click on the pic to zoom)
My experience:
Nykaa lipsticks are well pigmented and even though they are matte they have enough creamy texture in them to not make them too dry or patchy on lips. They glide well even if I am not using a lip balm underneath and add a soft sheen to the lip color. These lipsticks hide my pigmentation on lips and stay put for about 4 hours. After this, they fade and leave a subtle tint on my lips which doesn't look bad. Yes, they transfer easily and have a medicine like smell which I really hate tasting! When it comes to packaging, I think they really need to work on the caps of these lipsticks as they are loose and may detach themselves from lipsticks without our permissions. This is why I usually don't keep these lipsticks in my bags but keep them in kits.

Nonetheless, I really love the Naughty Nude which is a perfect nude for my lips and Orange Vice which is a very beautiful reddish orange and has got me a lot of compliments from people. I personally don't like the Frisky Fruschia as I am aversive to pinks with strong purple tones.

Here are the swatches:

Naughty Nude is a mix of pink and brown and will suit all skin tones.
Orange Vice is an Orange with little yellow undertone but is sufficiently red. I really love this shade.I think it will look flattering on everyone! Especially fair to medium skin tones.
Frisky Fuschia is a dark bright pink. Kind of Magenta, again a shade that will suit all skin tones.

1) Lovely shades and range to choose from
2) Good pigmentation
3) is a matte but is a moisturizing matte, thus wears very comfortably on lips
4) Doesn't highlight or settle in the fine lines of lips.
5) Doesn't look patchy at any point of time.
6) Easily available

1) Doesn't last long enough.

Will I recommend it?
Yes! definitely. Naughty nude and orange vice are really worth trying!

I hope you guys liked the review. Do share with us in the comment section below about your favorite lippies. I have recently shopped some color pop lip colors. Will review them as soon as they arrive. Bbye!

Friday, 3 November 2017

L.A colors 16 eyeshadow palette review- Shade Smokin, Review, EOTD, Swatches- India

Although I am very specific about the products I choose for my eye area, some palettes make me skip the guilty feeling and lash over them. This cute palette is one of them.

Ever Since I got my hands on my evergreen favorite Urban Naked palette, I have wanted to try many other palettes. But it's not easy to beat the standards set by Urban Naked. I love nude eye shadows the most, but for the sake of experimenting, I wanted to try bright colors.

After reading a few reviews, I decided to give this palette a go. I got it from Jabong at discount at 604 Rs. Read on for the full review.

MRP : 750 INR (exclusive of taxes)

My Experience:

I first applied it with a base from the same kit, but the shades seem too powdery. There was a lot of fall out and I didn't like the fact that the shimmer from the shadows on my lid was coming and settling on under eye area! Next time I tried it after applying an eye gel, the colors settled well and there was no fall out either. So I concluded that these worked best with a wet base.
Most of the colors in this palette are really beautiful and insanely pigmented! All shades are shimmery but not too shimmery. However, because of the shimmer, none of this palette color is for office wear. But for parties and events, this palette should really be given a try.

I haven't used any base beneath these colors. And I loved how beautiful they looked.
But I also realized that I am really not into dark shades. So I will stick to hoarding nude palettes!

1. Pigmentation
2. right amount of shimmer
3. palette has a balance of shades from highlighter to lid colors.
4. Easy to use
5. Beautiful range of colors. (Seriously, hard to find a range of workable colors all in one palette that too at this price!)
6. Very affordable

1. Shimmer spreads under eye area and around, so need to be careful.
2. are powdery without a primer.
3. Availability may be an issue.
4. Contains parabens
5. Texture is not velvety smooth (Not that I am complaining, You can't get that at this price.)

Overall Verdict:
If you love jewel tones, this palette is really a steal. 

Will I recommend it?

What's your favorite Eye Palette ? I am going to hunt The naked heat palette next. What about you?

With love,

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Lip butter - Himalaya Herbals

Hi friends,

Today I would like to share my review on this super cute and yet so effective lip balm from a well known brand Himalaya.

What the company claims:
A unique and luxurious blend of exotic butters that provides nourishing care, keeping your lips supple, smooth, and healthy all day long. Cocoa butter contains vitamin E that soothes and hydrates, preventing your lips from moisture loss. Kokum butter helps prevent lips from chapping. Mango butter rejuvenated the skin and helps minimize lip wrinkles. Free from: Petroleum, silicones, Artificial colours, Preservatives

MRP 125/-
Net Wt. 10 g
Shelf life: 29 months

My experience:
I-am-so much in love with it. (I like it more than some of the Maybelline's lip balms and Neutrogena lip balm). Okay let us get in to the details. Its texture is white-almost transparent like, and is thicker than gel and it smells more like butter. When I apply it on lips it doesn't feel sticky at all. It gives a kind of shine you get when you apply Ghee on your lips:( Nonetheless, it works really well. One time  application keeps the lips not only well moisturised but also protected for almost 4-5 hrs.

Unlike all other lip balms I have tried so far, it does not have ANY taste. Which is good! Because I hated that feeling of tasting some artificial flavour such as strawberry or chocolate or something unknown.

My lips are dry and chappy in nature, I have a habit of tearing that hard part of my lip skin when they crack.And after I started using THIS balm, I have noticed that my lips were not 100% healed while using other balms, as my lips would still crack. Now I face no issue of cracked lips, dry and rough lips or bleeding lips.

In short, Himalaya satisfies all the claims made by it. (Except the 'minimzes lip wrinkles' claim)

1) It is natural
2) Free from silicones, Petroleum and artificial colors
3) No distasteful fragrance
4) It softens the lips and protects them from cracking and drying
5) Lasts for about 3 hrs.

1) I prefer the retractable sticks as they are easier and more hygienic to use, whereas this one comes in a tub, so you have to insert your finger inside, though it is okay, still if they give it in a stick or tube it would be a more hygienic and convenient option.
2) It doesn't have SPF.

Overall verdict:
It's a moisturising lip balm that soothes lips and keeps them protected from dryness.

Will I recommend it?
If you don't mind using lip balm tubs, go for it.

My current favorite balms are Innisfree and Nivea lip balms. What's your favorite balm?

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