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The Face shop SHEET MASKS - Rice mask, lemon mask review

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to review these sheet masks from the South Korean popular brand The Face Shop. You can also read my review on The Face Shop BB Power Perfection (Miracle finish).

I ordered these sheet masks from Nykaa along with my HG BB cushion cover from The Face shop.
That time, these sheet masks were on discount and I got 5 masks free with the purchase of 5 masks. Hurray!

I am going to review the Rice sheet mask and Lemon sheet mask today.

About the product:
Both the sheets masks are for brightening the dull skin and imparting a healthy glow to skin.

MRP: 100 INR
Ingredients: (given in the pic above)
How to use: (shown in the pic above)

My experience:
I was very excited to use it as it was my first ever sheet mask. I like to do all such things with my skin in the night time because skin gets plenty of rest time and the effect of the product shows more on the skin after a good night's sleep. So, I cleansed my skin, sprayed my favorite toner from Forest Essentials and then applied the mask on my face.

My first impression of this sheet mask was not good. :( First of all, it was really wet and dripping everywhere while I was unfolding it (they should really pack it more conveniently). Then when I tried to adjust it on my face, it was not fitting properly no matter how hard I tried. (standard size? really? Is this how a girl's face looks like to you, my dear The Face Shop?). After giving up my impulse to set it right, I let it work on my skin for 15 minutes while occasionally patting on the mask to make my skin absorb it well. (I kept it for half an hour)

As instructed, I removed the mask, patted my face dry, and slept without washing my face. Next morning, I could notice that my skin looked slightly brighter but there was not a significant, noticeable change. This is quite understandable as we can't expect something miraculous with just one application.

But if I am spending 100 bucks on a mask, I really expect its effect to at least last a day or two! However, I can't say this in case of these sheet masks.

Overall, I would admit that these sheet masks are good, but results are average and temporary. (Can't say if the same opinion will be true, in case someone uses it regularly.)

1) Does what it claims but results may not be very visible.
2) Effect doesn't last for more than a day.

1) Contains fragrances.
2) Cumbersome to handle due to its sticky, dripping liquid.
3) Expensive if someone wants to use it regularly.
4) Doesn't give any much noticeable instant results.

Overall Verdict:
Give them a try if you get them on discount. Otherwise, I really didn't find anything special about these sheet masks.
(I have recently bought Sephora's sheet masks which are said to be very effective and will review them soon)

Will I recommend it?
Just for the fun or experiment sake, especially, if you are getting them on discount, yes.

Will I buy it again?

Have you used these sheet masks? Do share your experience in the comment section below.

Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Shampoo bar review

Hola, buddies!

Sometimes it so happens that you like a product so much that you just can not stop yourself from singing praises of it.

Today, I am going to review this lovely cute shampoo bar, which has filled me with awe. So here we go!

About the product:
Formulated to gently clean your hair, Rosemary Lavender shampoo bar nourishes hair roots & its anti-inflammatory properties counter dandruff problems. Your hair bears the brunt of the environment. As a result, you are left with flat, lifeless hair. This 100% natural shampoo bar with rosemary & lavender essential oils leaves your hair squeaky clean. Jojoba & almond oil nourish hair & prevent hairfall, leaving it soft and shiny. Convenient to carry when travelling. Use for normal to oily hair.

Lemon essential oil: It is useful for dry scalp, dandruff, lice & under active sebaceous glands. It also adds a shine to dull & limp hair. Coconut milk contains vitamin E & fats, which are very effective in moisturizing hair. Nourishes hair & promotes hair growth.
Black castor oil: It increases hair growth, prevents hair fall & thinning, eliminates dry hair. It deep conditions & moisturizes hair & scalp, prevents your hair from looking frizzy & having split ends.
Cocoa butter: It is obtained from the same bean as chocolate or cocoa.!It has high moisturizing qualities that help condition & detangle hair.
Fresh ginger: It has stimulating properties which enhance blood circulation in your scalp & promote hair growth. It nourishes hair roots & its anti-inflammatory properties counter dandruff problems.

MRP: 250 Rs
Quantity: 150 gm

How to use
Rub the bar between your hands & apply the lather to your hair or rub the bar directly on your hair. Work the lather through & rinse as usual. Get smooth, long and shiny hair with Rosemary lavender shampoo bar.

My experience
I ordered this shampoo bar a few months back along with some essential oils, after consulting the Soulflower team about my hair fall issue. But I never used it, as I could never have enough faith in a soap for properly cleansing hair.

Since shampoos were leaving my hair dry and causing hair fall, I thought of giving this shampoo bar finally a try. I followed the instructions written on the cover and rubbed the bar between my hands. I was surprised to see how well it had lathered. Then I applied and rubbed the lather on my hair and rinsed my hair with lukewarm water. 

For the first time, I did not feel the need to apply a conditioner! I did not use any serum to detangle my otherwise dry, frizzy hair. I let my hair dry naturally and noticed that it was really soft as well as shiny. And that was it. I have completely forgotten about shampoo! In fact, I recommended this soap to my sister-in-law and now everyone in my family only wants to use this soap.

The best thing about this soap is, there are no preservatives or parabens or any chemical or fragrance. It is absolutely natural and is now my favorite shampoo!

1) It is made of essential oils that help strengthen hair and stop hair problems.
2) Preservative free and natural
3) Makes hair soft
4) Cleanses hair well even if used after applying oil.
4) 100% organic 
5) Easily accessible
6) Works both as shampoo and conditioner.

1) Since it is a bar, it may dissolve fast. So to avoid wastage, cut a required amount of this shampoo bar and keep the remaining for later use.

Overall verdict:
This shampoo bar from Soulflower is worth a try and it really works!

Will I recommend it?

Will I buy it again?

You may also want to read my review on
SOULFLOWER Jojoba carrier oil, Grapeseed carrier oil review

Have you used any of the Soulflower products before? Share your experience with me in the comment section below.

Have a nice beauty sleep, sweeties!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Face Shop BB Power Perfection (Miracle finish) Review and Swatch

Hi Everyone!!!

I have been using this BB power Perfection cushion from The Face shop for a week now. And after trying it in many ways and receiving tons of compliments, I think I am ready to review this amazing product.

First, since this is my first post on the brand The Face shop, Let me introduce this brand to those who are new to it.

About the company: The Face Shop is a 14 year old South Korean company which makes a wide range of products including bath, body, skin care and make up. The Face shop is now an international brand providing its global standard products across the world.

About the BB power perfection Cushion:
Cushion foundation with high coverage and adhesiveness, this intense cover cushion by Faceshop provides full coverage formula with an ultra-natural finish. It reduces wrinkles, brightens, and protects you against the harsh UV rays. This formula was designed to sit close to skin, giving it a smooth and natural finish without making the makeup look heavy. It contains micro-molecule hyaluronic acid that immediately boosts skin's moisture content, giving skin a supple, bouncy texture!
The rich essence of this formula contains the goodness of SPF 50 PA+++. This product is dermatologically tested. Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

Net Wt. 15g
MRP: 1690 INR
Shelf life: 3 Years


Where should I start? Deeply inspired by Korean beauties' skin care regimen, I have always wanted to try Korean beauty products. My wish came true through Nykaa. I wanted to try a cushion especially with that handle puff (I'm a die hard K-drama lover and I have seen the K-drama actresses use this puff on their faces and I really wanted to experience that feeling and style, :wink). I ordered it after a lot of thinking, because they have 7 types of cushions (actually 6) varying from matte to dewy finish for different skin concerns. They had an offer going on, so I got a cleanser free with this cushion!

I was very jumpy the day I received it. I felt as if I had gifted myself a luxury product (because of its lovely case! It was a delight for my eyes.) My skin color falls under MAC NC 35-40, and I chose this cushion in the shade V 205. I have combination skinMy T-zone is a bit oily and the remaining area of my face is normal to dry but acne prone. I use this cushion after my basic skin care-cleansing, toning and moisturising. I follow the instructions given on the cover. I slightly press the puff on the cushion and then softly dab it on the uneven areas where I want some coverage, then I press it gently on my overall face, blending it, to make my face look even.

The shade is definitely lighter than my own skin tone and is a little whitish on my skin (I have yellow, olive undertones). On first day, I took more than required amount of the product for my skin and looked a little ashy, but after half an hour or so, my face looked just fine. On the second day, I applied it after skipping moisturiser and I felt that my skin needed some more moisture. On the third day, I applied it after moisturiser and took appropriate quantity, and Voilla!!! My skin appeared one tone lighter, more radiant and softer.That day, I received a lot of compliments!

Funny thing was everybody kept looking at my face saying that I looked very pretty, but they couldn't just notice what was different:wink. I shied away. The next day, I got compliments from my those friends who are very critical of my applying any make up on my healthy skin. They said I looked fair and was glowing!

That's it! Since then it has become my holy grail product. I use it everyday. Even if the shade is lighter, it adjusts well and becomes one with my skin. Even if you rub your skin or sweat, it won't come out. The coverage is sheer to medium. (I don't dare build it up because of the fear of looking ghostly). It doesn't break me out. It evens out my skin and gives my skin a soft, supple, fair and dewy finish. It also reduces the appearance of pores around my nose area.

However, I am a bit disappointed by its staying power. On my face, it stays put for 4 hours, after which it fades and skin starts looking a little oily. This is when I need to give a touch up with a compact to make my skin appear matte.

Here are the swatches:

           Before Blending                                                                                                       After Blending

If you look closely, you will be able to see that the blended area looks fairer and brighter than the remaining area.

Here is how it looked on my face. I have tried to take as natural pic as possible.

Overall Thoughts:
This cushion provides a light coverage and makes the skin appear healthy, glowing, fair and plump.
So if you don't want much coverage and are happy with a bright, smooth and glowing complexion, buy it!

1) Contains SPF 50, so no need for an extra sun screen.
2) Makes my skin glow!
3) Skin looks fair and bright.
4) Doesn't cake or crease. (After all, it is not a foundation!)
5) More than half of the ingredients are natural which is a big plus for me.
6) The case is very elegant. I would love to carry it and flaunt it!
7)  Travel friendly.
8) It gives dewy finish but doesn't make my skin oily. (However, my nose area remains a bit shiny so      I dust some pressed powder there and I'm all set)
9) Evens out my skin. (However, darker areas such as under eye area definitely need a concealer).
10) Doesn't let my skin get tanned or darken at any time in a day.

1) Even though they have 5 shades, for Indian skin, there are really only three shades: V203 for very fair skin, V205 for fair to medium skin and V207 for dusky skin I guess. Besides, for darker skin beauties I think V207 will be a light shade. I hope that The Face Shop releases more shades keeping Indian skin tones in mind if it really wants to capture Indian market.
2) It is expensive. Though, the cushion cover is more convenient in use than fingers or brushes, the quantity is less in a cushion than in a BB tube.
3) The Face shop has not released refill option in India yet, and paying for the case again is not reasonable. So, I hope that it releases the refills of the packs soon. Another unfair thing is, on its Malaysian and other sites, the company offers a refill free with these cushion covers!!

So, Will I recommend it?
A definite yes! It is such a beautiful product to have in your vanity kit!

Will I buy it?
I will definitely buy a cushion. But As I said, they have 7 cushions. So, I want to try other cushions as well. But it has definitely become a brand I will rely on!

A tip:
Use it 15 minutes prior to going out, as it takes a little time to adjust to your skin tone.

P.S I am also going to try one cushion from Innisfree (also a famous korean brand) because it offers refill and has shades catering to Indian skin tones.

It was the longest of my reviews so far. Sheew!! I hope it was worth the effort. If you have any question or you want to share your experience regarding any cushion cover you used or are using, do write to us in the comment section below!

With Lots of love,

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